For a sleek and time-saving global corporate travel experience, our chartered jets offer a private setting for you and your team as you travel to your next business destination. Whether you require office equipment or a formal lunch for clients on board, iCharter can deliver.
Travelling for leisure is one of life’s great joys and when you book a private jet with iCharter for your next vacation, you get to depart at a time that suits you and start your holiday in style. Our dedicated team will take on all the hard work to ensure that your flights are as relaxed as your vacation.
Sometimes only the convenience of a helicopter will do. To avoid airports, to dodge the traffic on the way to a major event or to access remote locations, nothing can beat a helicopter. iCharter can organise a luxury helicopter to transport you to a city centre rooftop or to a rural spot on the coast.
iCharter can take care of all your private chartering needs on national and international entertainment tours. Allowing the talent and crew to travel without the inconvenience of airport waits and potentially disruptive delays, schedules can run to plan as they travel in comfort.
Group and Sport
Safe and stress-free air travel is of paramount importance when sportspeople and teams are travelling to tournaments and events. iCharter can navigate all the complexities of sporting event itineraries, offering the attention to detail needed within the sporting industry/
iCharter has the aviation expertise to provide secure and confidential global air travel for government officials and organisations. From private jets fitted with state-of-the-art office equipment for airborne meetings to helicopters that can be booked at the last minute, iCharter can handle any government requirement with ease.
iCharter clients enjoy an unprecedented level of personalised service, no matter how last minute or complex a booking is. Offering a range of charter services that can be tailored to suit your individual needs, iCharter’s attention to detail will ensure your private charter experience runs smoothly from start to finish.